Friday, September 3

Why I Made This Blog?

Kenapa saya membuat blog ini?

I made this blog for girls that wearing JILBAB /scarf like ME.

Sometimes, I feel like wearing jilbab is hard, one of the reasons is because somehow I can't wear any kind of clothes I want because I got to cover my aurat. I've been having a hard time chosing which outfit I should wear, what color, how to mix the clothes with jilbab, even just for everyday outfit to go to campus.

That's why, mungkin beberapa dari teman-teman yang memakai jilbab juga merasakan hal yang sama, (is there any? :-p). Saya ingin menyediakan tempat dimana muslimah bisa mendapat inspirasi tentang fashion yang dapat diaplikasikan dalam kehidupan sehari-hari, mix-match baju + sepatu + accessories + jilbab yang saya sukai.

What about my style?

My style is simple, basic, natural, light, feminine, and pretty much anything comfortable but fashionable. I don't wanna look like I spend too much time on my wardrobe. I love laces on my clothes, cute tops, and light thin fabrics. I don't like too much layering because it looks too heavy and it's 'hot' (literally), especially in Jakarta.

For colors, I like nude colors. I have so many white, cream, and light brown clothes.

Yap, that's preety much why I made this Sisterhood Fash!
I hope you guys can enjoy this! :-D

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