Sunday, October 30

Vintage Store

I found this really chic and vintage online store Chicwish . Lots of laces, flower pattern, nude colours, vintage dresses, etc. Love love love it!

Thursday, October 27

Bold Red Wedding

This is my cousin's wedding, Sheila. I'm surprised with her dress and his hubby's suit. Such a brave choices, just right to represent her character, which is brave and outspoken. Wish the best for you both and I hope I would see a baby soon :)

Tuesday, October 25

100 years fashion

Such a fun summary of "100 years fashion" or "A century fashion". Made me realize how fast and creative fashion world is. I wonder how many outfits they need to make this video. I'm so inspired, I wanna make a video like this, but the title's gonna be "100 years Indonesia's fashion".

Sunday, October 23

Flower Prints

I wore this at the final of Shell Live Wire Business Start Up Award 2011 at Metro TV Studio. Congrats for All the winners! All of their product are great, and I get so much inspiration from their passion to entrepreneurship, how they struggle trough hard times, creativity and the way they live life. Great people, great work :)

Tuesday, October 18

Nancy Zhang

She's fashion blogger, ELLE China column and " Street Style Now" author. The drawing of her looks are so cute.

Sunday, October 16


Vish!2012 SS in lookbook made their collections blend in their inspirations. A glass of water, a book, a drawings or just wallpapers, little life details that could influence the whole surrounding. So creative.

Friday, October 14

Gotta Get That Ticket

I was gonna get a concert ticket for my Malaysian friend at Java Musikindo Office. The first day they were closed without any announcement, so we got to go back to the office on the next day, then get the ticket.
Beaded shawl from Tanah abang
Vintage Shirt from Thrift Store, in shirts (basic)

Tuesday, October 11


This video triplets are so inspiring, new ideas just came up to my head right away. I wish I can do the trip around the world too with my loved ones.
LEARN from Rick Mereki on Vimeo.

EAT from Rick Mereki on Vimeo.

MOVE from Rick Mereki on Vimeo.

Sunday, October 9

Washed Out

A suddenly-wanted-to-dress-up-a-little day.
Gray Cardigan from High School Uniform, in cardigans
Washed Out Dyed dress from Guangzhou St., in dresses
Vintage flower sling bag by Mango, in bags
Suede cut out high heels by Zara, in heels/wedges
Bali Necklace from Bali, in jewelry
Gray Scarf from Tanah Abang, in scarves

Friday, October 7

Lovely Dresses

L.O.V.E. Now I just need to find the right tailor to custom made this dresses with long sleeves, that's the tough part. Because I've been looking and trying to find the "right", "good", and "affordable" tailor this past 6 months, but I haven't find the "one". None of them can really make those outfits exactly like what I wanted. Wish me luck!

Wednesday, October 5

Hana Tajima

She's a fashion designer from London. Quite love her messy, effortless, natural look.

Saturday, October 1

Bubbly Day

This is the first time I went to Ciwidey, Bandung, an extremely beautiful volcano. It really was fun.
Frills cardigan by Orange, in cardigans
Brown shawl from Tanah abang
Jeans by Pull and bear, in jeans
Vintage flowers sling bag by Mango, in bags
Dress by Topshop, in dresses
Belt by Topshop, in belts
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