Saturday, February 25

My Best Friend Wedding Lya

My high school best friend is got married! I'm so happy for her :) When I was in high school i have a hangout group called de8, and we were so close together, and Lya is the first one that got married among all of us, I can't believe its gonna be so soon, we're still 21 fyi. But I wish the best for her, wish she has a great married life and be blessed with a beautiful baby soon! lol. Her marriage was in Makassar, Celebes Island, so I got to fly for about 2 hours to get there. And they chose a very unique time to get married which is on 2011 new year's eve, so everybody throughout the world could celebrate their marriage, probably. I love the dress, it's Makassar ethnic dress called "Baju Bodo" combined with classic european dress and moslem wedding ethnic. Gorgeous color and so many little details. Her crown is made from aluminum and weigh about 5 kilos, and she gotta wear it for 4 hours through the wedding party. Beauty is pain lol. Love you Lya!

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