Wednesday, November 23

Nadia Sabrina R

She's a hijab fashion lover from Kuala Lumpur. I love her looks and the way she use her shawl.

Wednesday, November 9

Dizi Bear

This is Dizi Bear. He love to snuggle. He was a gift from my boyfriend, we are on a long distance relationship, we only see each other only once a month T_T He gave Dizi Bear to me so he can put me to sleep and accompany me everywhere. Love :* Shot by Canon G11.

Monday, November 7

Shabby Chic

I just found this really cute decoration blog by Rachel Ashwell, click this link . Look at this gorgeous home decor, I really wanna have my own house and decorate it like this.

Tuesday, November 1

Bride's Maids

These are the bride's maid's look from my cousin's 'Sheila' wedding. Peach toned long dresses and traditional dresses. It was fun :)
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