Monday, September 9

Me, A Beach, and A Pink Ukulele

I went to the beach with a friend of mine, Tya, just because we want to freshen up our minds. I missed going to a beach sooo much, I haven't gone to any beach in a couple of months. So we went to Ancol Beach in Jakarta. What I love about it is, I feel so relaxed when I saw the unlimited horizon, the calming waves, the sound of the sea, and the breeze. I can just sit there fof hours and feel so comfortable.

Tuesday, August 27

Flower Scarf

Dear my blog readers I'm so sorry I haven't post anything these couple of months because I've been quite busy. There's a lot of things going on in my life lately. I resigned from work, joined a fashion school majoring in shoe design, prepared for my shoe business, worked some design projects. But now I try to keep up with my blog too. I just installed blogger apps on my android, and this is my first time posting from there, hope it will work :) And fyi, I have a new favorite scarf! It's this flowery red and yellow colored scarf. The fabric is really nice to wear as a hijab, love the color, it fits my skin tone and kind of brighten my skin, and also it matches with many of my outfits. Totally in love with it.

Thursday, July 4

Blue Glam

Looks like my backyard is goin to be my official photography studio right now haha. I've been using it so many times for my blog post. About this look, I used dark blue cotton maxi dress and cover it with black embellished bolero. To glam it up, I added some gold accesories, lie the gold chain necklace, gold high heels, and a matching black leather clutch with a chain embellishment. I used silk material for the hijab, so it'll look really glamorous and flowy.

Monday, June 24

Soaking in Lights

This is my sister Nadia, isn't she pretty? She's 3 years younger than me, and currently studying law in university. For this particular look, I love the baby pink chiffon maxi dress because it's so flowy, ethereal, and elegant. Also the sequined bolero makes the look even more glamourous, with an add of diamond blings everywhere, on the head scarf, clutch and the accesories. But my favorite item is the gemstone ring bracelet! We got it on sale in Topshop and I'm literally in love with it.

Friday, June 14


I'm gonna share about one of the fashion line that I liked this year, which is Addin's. The designers are sisters; Putri and Samia, and these are some of my favorite outfits on their latest collection in "Shades of Tranquility" show in Indonesia Islamic Fashion Fair this year. The designs are simple, ethereal, flowy, with a lot of pastel color. Well, I'm looking forward to the next collection :)

Monday, June 3

Indonesia Islamic Fashion Festival

I went to the event on he last day with a friend of mine, Eci, and we had a blast. There were so many beautiful muslim wear clothing line on the exhibiton and gorgeous muslim designer's new collection on the fashion show. The theme of the fashion show is Your Style Destination" by Treimee, Kivitz, Addins, Akia. Addin's fashion designer is my adorable friend Samia, we met at an entrepreneurship event. At the fashion show, I saw a lot of nude colors, flowy, chiffon material, and ethereal themed clothes, which apparently is on trend right now.

Sunday, April 28

Black and Red

I just got a new skirt from Sophia Jennah ! Sophia Jennah is an elegant and chic fashion brand based in Singapore, just right for a young hijabi like me :) They have many gorgeous dresses, skirts, blouses, etc. I love it because the skirt is very flowy, not too thick, and it's red. It fits perfectly on me. I tried to create a glamour look, I styled it with a black flowy top, a huge ethnic nekclace, also a cute vintage red purse to match the red skirt.
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