Friday, April 27

Beautiful Flower

This is a short clip about the beauty of a magical flower. I made this with particles on 3Ds max. For color correction and compositing I use Adobe After Effects and Adobe Premiere Pro.

Wednesday, April 25

Pop of Colors

Here's some inspiration for a modest + hijab look if you wanna play with color yet still chic and not over the top :)

Monday, April 23

Ascia A.K.F

Another hijabi fashion lover. Check out her lookbook, you'll find some great looks.

Friday, April 20

Vintage Online Store

For vintage lovers, I found another vintage online store :) its "Mod Cloth", I'm so happy with the stuff they have. Not only clothing, they have teapots, vintage boxes, small sculptures, etc. And most of the vintage items are sold out, so if you wanna buy something from this store, better get it fast.

Tuesday, April 17

Flower and Chiffon

A vintage and romantic look. I bought the Hijab at Tanah Abang. Flower top at some store at Kelapa Gading Mall, I can't remember the brand. Dorothy Perkins bag. And Charles and Keith peach wedges, I love the simplicity of that shoes a lot! I just bought it right when I saw it.

Sunday, April 15

See Through

Some vintage dresses and outfits I love, with see through fabrics, laces, natural colors, and I can totally mix it up with hijab and everything to make a modest, covered look.

Tuesday, April 10

Merapi Mountain

This is when I went to Merapi Mountain, that just erupted last year, and it's pretty beautiful out there right now, the trees are starting to grow. And I also went to Ulen Sentalu, its a really beautiful and well planned Museum about ancient Solo Kingdom, at first, it was only a private collection of a rich guy at Yogyakarta, but he wanted to share it with community and let everyone see the ancient collections, it's so magical I think every tourists should go there. The hijab I bought it at Tanah Abang, it's a place where people buy huge amount of clothing, resellers around the world came there to buy something and resell those at their countries. I use Mango frills top, Zara brown cardigan, and Hana handbag.

Saturday, April 7

Vintage Hijab Look-a-Like

“Lady in a Fur Wrap” by El Greco Photo Remake by Tony Mac It's so unique how El Greco made a remake of a vintage picture cam from probably 1900th, and turn it into a full winter look for a hijabi that actually in fashion right now. Mode is really turning back like a wheel every decade.

Thursday, April 5

Waroeng Djadoel

I just found this gorgeous vintage online store Warung Djadoel! I'm so mesmerized with the collection they have, I can't wait to pay a visit to their place and do some vintage stuff hunting. And they actually gonna have a showcase later this month, I'm so interested to come. i'm gonna fill those empty-uncompleted areas in my room that have been waiting for those vintage stuff to arrive lol. I think it would be so much fun if I do vintage hunt regularly :)

Italian Pizza Day

I went to a small but cute Italian Pizza Restaurant with my boyfriend. Love the cheese, and the pizza is still baked in traditional way. Its yummy!

Monday, April 2

What is a soulmate means to you?

Soul mate is the "other you". This will be the one you spend the rest of your life loving, and getting to know. You will still argue and fight, but you will also complete each others sentences and instinctively understand the others feelings. This is the person you look for all your life, and no matter when you find them, they are always worth the wait. So agreed.
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