Sunday, July 29

My Newest Show Reel

This video is a compilation of my works, including motion graphics, short movies, edutainment, music videos, public service announcement, and modelling. Enjoy!

Show Reel Andina Nabila Irvani from dina on Vimeo.

Tuesday, July 24

Hook and Knobs

Look at this gorgeous hooks and knobs. These items would totally fit in my room :) Hmm.. Maybe I can actually make one of those. D.I.Y stuffs can give more self satisfaction.

Monday, July 9

Elie Saab Dresses

Just love love love Elie Saab designs. He can combine chiffon, beads, tuille, and made a beautiful fairy tale like dresses. I wish I could afford one of them :(

Saturday, July 7

Question to All The Girls

I have a question, why most of the guys I date always want a girlfriend that has resemblance with their mothers? I wonder maybe I should ask about how is the character of his mom first, before I date him? So I'll know he's gonna be the right person date or not before I make a decision??

Wednesday, July 4

Lights, flowers, and crochets

I just this editorial photo shoot involving flowers, crochet, and lights in Sweden. By D Repubblica, Milva Gigli as Stylist and Kerry Dean as Photographer.
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