Wednesday, August 29

Jenahara 2012

I've been looking for simple and elegant style for muslim fashion, and I found Jenahara's designs are pretty stunning, not too over the top and overwhelming like certain muslim designers. The style is kept edgy, monochrome, elegant, and fierce at the same time. Jenahara is a fashion designer from Indonesia, you can visit her blog here.

Friday, August 24

Celeb Daily Outfits - Dakota Fanning

I'm gonna start a new themed post: Celeb Daily Outfits. Only concerning on what celebrity would wear in daily life. I like Dakota Fanning since her early roles in I am Sam and War of The Worlds, I think her acting is brilliant. Despite that, I spotted her choices of fashion in daily looks are quite interesting too. Youth, fun, layback, and edgy.

Sunday, August 19

Dress That Fits Your Body Type

Knowing your body type, the styles that flatter it and the fashion trends that don't work for you make all the difference when dressing for your shape. Bring down those walls and spend some time in front of the mirror evaluating your features :)
Apple Shape Rounded shoulders. Fullness around the middle. Flattish bottom. Slimmer or average legs. Average to big bust.
Pear Shape A defined waist. Larger hips and thighs. Narrower shoulders than hips. Wear larger size on bottom than top.
Inverted Triangle Body shape Square, solid shoulder line. Flatter hips and bottom with little definition between them. Wider shoulders than hips. Wear larger size on top than bottom.
Neat Hourglass Body shape Shoulders in proportion with hips. Defined waist. Curved bust and bottom. Wear same size top and bottom
Rectangle Body shape A solid, square frame. Same size top and bottom. Small bust. Little waist definition. Flat hips and bottom
Lean Column Body shape Slim, long frame. Same size top & bottom. Small bust. Little waist definition. Narrow hips and small bottom, in line with shoulders
Full Hourglass Body shape Bigger thighs. Fuller bottom and hips. Small waist. Fuller bust

Monday, August 13

Pastel Blazer

I have a sudden crush to blazer, probably because I just just graduated from college, Yaaay! :D I'm a bachelor of art now, major in animation design. And the next step is I need to gain experience in animation industry especially motion graphic design. So I'm gonna need a formal-chic clothes for going to work at the office. To give a little pop of color in my looks, I decided to hunt for some pastel color outfits from now on.

Wednesday, August 8

Ascia AKF

Featured her for the second time now. I was looking at her modest looks with scarf, maxi skirt, blazer, turban and its actually quite interesting. Ascia AKF, a hijabie from Kuwait. I started to think about wearing turban instead of scarf, gotta try it out later on :)
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