Bukit Bulu

Malang is one of the cities in Indonesia that has the best tourism places. Malang has various spot, from the nature part until the man made them parks. For me personally, the most memorable place in Malang is Mount Bromo. The view is unbelievable, looks like straight out of a painter's canvas, I can't even believe my eyes when I see so many beautiful view.

I went to Bukit Bulu, this place is 2 Kilometers from Coban Rais, one of the waterfall in Malang. Bukit Bulu located in the hills area filled with forest and waterfalls. The view is absolutely wonderful. In here, there are several photography shot that is build by the natives. The spot's are flower garden, air bike, hammocks, swings, and many more.

Photos by Andina Nabila Irvani.


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