Slight Exhibition at Thailand

Asean Young Entrepreneurs Assembly 2014 (AYEA). Slight (My painted shoes brand) was invited by Thailand's Ministry of Social Development and Human Security to join an international exhibition in Ambassador Hotel Thailand. There's young entrepreneurs from 9 countries in ASEAN also joined the exhibition. 

The head Minister of Social Development and Human Security herself "Krasuang Kan Phatthana" came to Slight's booth, she loved our products, especially the painted shoes. People form Thailand's ministry, Malaysian Embassy, university students, young entrepreneurs, etc bought Slight's painted shoes. :)

Slight was also chosen to be interviewed by one of the biggest TV channel in Thailand which is CH7. They were very interested in our unique shoes. 

Great experience, and we are so glad that Slight's product has been introduced in Thailand. Hope you guys love our creativity :D


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